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You may feel that you need to speak to someone for support straight away, here are some charities with helplines that may be able to help:


For better mental healthCall 0300 123 3393 or text 86463 Visit website


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How it works & Therapies


Our physical health and our emotional well-being are closely linked. It’s no surprise that the potential difficulties of living with a skin condition can take a toll on your state of mind. What is less understood is that stress, anxiety and emotional distress can manifest themselves on the skin, and can aggravate an existing condition.

Helpful Resources

Support Materials

In this section, we provide a range of materials designed to support the wellbeing of people with skin disease. This may include practical exercises to try at home, or information about finding services near you. We also provide links to other organisations where you can find further information.

Where to find groups

Patient Support Groups

The following is an alphabetical list of national, regional and local patient support groups for people with skin diseases.

A-Z of Conditions

Our conditions page provides in-depth detail about a range of skin conditions, exploring causes, treatments and providing other useful information.